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Westport Residence

Located a few hundred feet from Long Island Sound, this gracious home maximizes view of the water from its southerly facade. Read More

Sternlicht Penthouse

A leaky, dark and decaying penthouse, revamped as a new, light and airy pied-à-terre atop this Manhattan apartment building. Read More

Pianko Apartment

Keeping the core of this prewar apartment intact, SCA completely reworked the rooms and flow to be suitable for contemporary living. Read More

Barnard Counseling Center

The new Counseling Center plan enhanced the public circulation spaces, which thread through the Counseling Center’s operating area. Read More

Shingle Style Modern Remix

Although commissioned to add a master suite and garage wing, this job evolved into a complete exterior and interior makeover. Read More

Urban Townhouse

The interior core of this 6 story townhouse was reframed to create a breath-taking 6 story atrium and custom curved stair gallery capped with an oval skylight. Read More

SUNY Aerospace Traning Facility

The Aerospace Facility at the State University of New York Farmingdale campus is a pilot training facility, which combines diverse educational functions. Read More

Manhattan Oasis

This serene apartment provides calm respite from city life. Read More

Native States of America

An exhibition visualizing current conditions and laying groundwork for innovation on the Lakota reservations. Read More

Penthouse Makeover

A mix of modern lines meet the grace of art nouveau. Read More