Brooklyn New Build

The original 700sf house on this property was built in the 1860s. With a rubble foundation not suited for modern construction, there was an opportunity to building something new. The unique 3000sf stucco house maximizes the buildable footprint while keeping with the scale of homes in the area. The townhouse feels like a modern loft apartment with the amenities and privacy of a house, a combination which is uncommon in an urban setting.

Where a typical NYC townhouse with windows on the front and back can be dark in the center, this home has additional light brought in from the south side and upper roofs.

The kitchen is a cook’s fantasy with abundant storage and counter space. It serves as a gathering spot on the main floor.

Soft light from the skylights on the 2nd and 3rd floor coupled with a delicate railing design lets light filter through to the main level.

In the center of the second floor is a sky lit room for play.

Abundant floor space on the second floor allows for three bedrooms, two baths, a playroom and a laundry room.

A rooftop studio with three exposures is an inspiring place to work.