Sioux YMCA

The mission of the Sioux YMCA is to empower the children and families in the communities on the Cheyenne River Reservation to fulfill their greatest individual and collective potential. They offer academic, artistic, athletic, cultural and recreational programming out of their main building in Dupree, SD and their unique summer camp site at Lake Oahe, as well as in communities and schools across the reservation.

The Sioux YMCA was working on a growth strategy to enhance the reach of their existing programs while increasing their self-sufficiency. Their robust volunteer network means that they regularly host visitors who provide essential services to their programs. We worked with them on the programming and design for a new building that included short and long term housing options for these valuable volunteers, as well as for donors and funding partners.

With flexible gathering space for meetings, activities and events, this new building allowed them to enhance their community programming with reliable additional space and capacity for volunteers.

A ground-up building for the Sioux YMCA strengthened their position on the reservation and offered the chance to build a strong, safe, well designed space that represents the values of program and community. The original proposal for the building process was to engage the community with volunteer and local labor opportunities, workshops and local design opportunities. All of this would strengthen the Sioux YMCAŹ¼s vision of creating a place of learning and sharing for the entire community. Due to budget constraints they ultimate choose to build a prefabricated building.